Kayaking in Dorset is Great!

Fancy a spot of kayaking? Here’s how you can get started in this chilled-out paddle sport in Dorset


And here’s how you can get in on the action…

Kayaking is a superb way to explore the coastline of Purbeck.

A little local knowledge and checking the weather forecast can make kayaking a safe, rewarding way to visit the beaches, coves and cliffs that make the Jurassic Coast so special.

Kayaking is accessible to everyone; booking a guided trip or hiring a kayak can cost as little as £20 per person with all specialist equipment included.

The basics of kayaking can be learnt quickly, a trip or two with organised groups or some professional instruction can improve your confidence but are not absolutely necessary. Make sure your first few trips out on the water are over short distances on calm sunny days, you’ll learn more quickly if you are comfortable and feel safe.

Make sure that you are confident before you try longer journeys to more inaccessible places.

Kayakers can visit parts of the coast that other people just can’t get to. Tiny shingle beaches, caves and hidden coves are often only shared with the birds and the beasts.

Kayaking is very quiet and unobtrusive and is superb way to observe wildlife. Dolphins and seals are very nosey and will often investigate groups of kayakers as they paddle along the Jurassic Coast.

‘Ron Seal’ is becoming famous for his inquisitive and playful behaviour around kayakers in Studland and Swanage bays. ‘Ron Seal’ is a familiar face in Dorset waters

Always remember that the wildlife you encounter in your kayak is ‘wild’ and should be treated as such.

Paddling along the coast on a sunny, still day in a t-shirt and shorts can be very pleasant but a light wind can make you feel very cold, very quickly it’s always worth carrying a waterproof and windproof jacket with a spare layer or two in a dry bag. Always take a hat, water and a snack or two with you.

05 April 2015 by Owen Senior

Kayakers can visit parts of the coast that other people just can’t get to

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